Essay about marketing management

Essay about marketing management

Marketing management
Marketing is a combination of the exact science and the art of effective work in the market. In the historical context, the emergence of marketing should be combined with the emergence of the exchange process, since it is the exchange that led to the satisfaction of certain needs.
Despite the fact that in the early stages of the exchange was carried out in an inadequate manner (often the consumer value dominated by the exchange value), it can be argued that it was through exchange operations that the social and economic progress of human civilization took place.

Today, marketing is often identified with mass marketing (sales). Most of the existing theoretical materials and techniques currently available in the world are aimed specifically at mass markets (in particular, the market for consumer goods).

Unlike mass, industrial marketing often requires specific approaches, for which it is not always possible to give universal advice or tools. Each individual industrial market requires a personal approach to the formation and use of a set of marketing tools. The marketing of services, which is based on the high professionalism of service sector employees, pays particular attention to the specifics. The rapid development of this area will lead to the search for special marketing techniques to ensure a sustainable competitive position of these enterprises.

Marketing is also considered as a market concept for the management of production and sales and scientific and technical activities of the enterprise, aimed at studying the market, specific consumer requests and targeting the products and services that it produces, as well as the formation and stimulation of consumer demand for sound decision-making and planned expansion of sales and profit making.

Acting in the context of implementing entrepreneurial initiatives and implementing the mission of enterprises in the market, marketing is involved in the implementation of functions.

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