Essay about marketing mix

Essay about marketing mix

Marketing mix
Often, the high costs of marketing activities do not provide the expected results. This may be the result of an ineffective analysis of the marketing mix that is, marketing mix. Failure to take into account interconnections between its elements and incorrectly selected toolbox leads to inappropriate use of funds.

Elements of marketing-mix are goods, distribution, promotion, and the price of a product is the main element of a marketing complex. Distribution is to ensure the delivery of goods to the target group of consumers in the right place and time. Promotion promotes market information and affects consumers.

The price is set in such a way as to ensure sales and, at the same time, certain income to the company. Each element requires the implementation of a set of activities, the implementation of which forms a marketing policy.
It begins with the clarification of the type of structure and links in the marketing mix, comparing the results obtained with the tasks set before the marketing structures. Next, the marketing activity is compared with the results achieved, which allows identifying the relationship between the intensity and structure of marketing activities and the marketing and economic results of the enterprise.

Marketing mix – a comprehensive program of marketing measures designed to optimally allocate resources in the marketing planning system, harmonize the supply and demand of goods through market research and control of marketing activities.

The marketing goals of the firm determine what the firm wants to achieve, using the opportunities provided and available means. Goals should be specific, clearly defined, expressed quantitatively, be realistic for implementation, understandable to performers. They must be formed on the basis of funds that can cover the costs of their growth.

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