Essay about marketing plan

Essay about marketing plan

Marketing plan
Marketing plans as a variety of business plans can be different, their classification should be made depending on the selected criteria. Such can speak: the period of time; the object and object of the plan, the geographical area of activity and the functional purpose of the plan.
Depending on the horizon of time, most often distinguish: a strategic marketing plan (for 3 years or more); annual marketing plan; tactical marketing plan (for example, monthly or quarterly).

According to the subject of planning, marketing plans are: a new product; product line (plans for individual products, plans for the assortment group, plans for the entire range); marketing program of the firm (sum of many plans of the firm). Given the geographical area of activity, distinguish: the plan for the state and regional markets; plan for the global market; plan for individual states.

Depending on the object of planning: plans of individual units (department, department); branch plans; enterprise plans. Depending on the functional purpose: historical plans that cover the analysis of sales dynamics, review of target markets, key products and territories; the main ones that cover marketing goals and strategies, basics of control, options for adjusting tasks. Depending on the scope of each firm, one or more marketing plans may be formed. Often, the firm tries to formulate such a plan for each product and market.
Marketing plans should be developed for the earliest possible period. In this case it is expedient to take into account the cycle of life of the goods.

The most commonly used and necessary are two types of marketing plans: a plan for a new product and an annual marketing plan. When introducing new products for each of them, an appropriate plan is being built, the totality of which forms the marketing program of the firm.

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