Essay about marketing strategy

Essay about marketing strategy

Marketing strategy
Strategy of marketing is the formation of goals, their achievement and the objectives of the enterprise-manufacturer in each individual product, for each separate market for a certain period. The strategy is formed for the purpose of realization of industrial and commercial activity in full accordance with the market situation and opportunities of the enterprise.
The strategy of the company is developed on the basis of research and forecasting of the market situation, the study of buyers, the study of goods, competitors and other elements of market economy.

Marketing tactics – the formation and solution of the tasks of the enterprise in each market and for each product at a specific time period (short-term) on the basis of marketing strategy and assessment of the current market situation with constant adjustment of tasks as changes in market conditions and other factors: for example, change in the price index , the intensification of competition, the seasonal drop in demand, the reduction of the interests of buyers to the product, and so on.

The company’s strategic planning determines which industries it will deal with and outlines the tasks of these industries. The current plan is a set of separate plans for each product and each market. Plans are made for production, release of goods, plans for market activity. All these plans are collectively referred to as the term “Marketing Plan”

Strategy of marketing – rational logical construction, guided by which the company expects to solve their marketing objectives. The marketing strategy should precisely describe the segments of the market in which the firm will focus its main efforts. After developing a marketing strategy, a detailed program of measures for the production and sale of goods with the fixing of responsible executives, the establishment of terms and the definition of costs is developed. This program will allow you to make a budget for the current year.

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