Essay about marketing

Essay about marketing

Recently, marketing confidently conquers market positions as a source that enables to create and maintain certain standards of human life. The radical transformation of the world economy as a result of the introduction of such new means of communication and communication, as global telephone and computer networks, satellite television, fax machines, allows for a significant reduction of geographical distances.

Thanks to new computer and telecommunication technologies, methods of production and marketing have changed significantly. Now it is not necessary to spend personal time to search for the necessary goods.
Enough to use one of the message feeds to make an order, and marketing managers using your computer will learn the needs that arise, develop and deliver the product, conduct a real-time video conferencing if necessary.

In a transition to a market, the development of marketing depends on the profitability of enterprises. The fact is that in the initial stages of the marketing services, additional funds are needed, and the substantial effect from them in the form of income from the expansion of the range, the restoration of production (services), quality improvement can only be obtained at the next stages. Therefore, a significant impediment to the development of marketing is the loss-making of many enterprises.

Marketing involves widespread use of the most advantageous market opportunities. It depends on production and ensures the release of producers only those goods that can be realized. This implies the importance of marketing as a process that connects the manufacturer with the consumer through trade and provides feedback between them.

Consequently, marketing is a managerial activity that examines all activities related to directing the flow of goods and services from the manufacturer through the implementation system under certain conditions to the end user.

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