Essay about marriage and love

Essay about marriage and love

About love and marriage.What is love? Everyone asks this question. But nobody has found the answer to it. Whether really the concept of love is so difficult? No. Just everyone understands a love on his own.For me the love is feelings between two people. And not necessarily it have to be the man and the woman. There is a love between friends. When the person so strongly loves his friend that he is ready to give for him life. There is a love of the son to mother or the father to the daughter.

And it is absolutely normal. There is a love of the person to a dog or to the book. Each of us has a favourite movie or favourite band. The love is strong feelings which connect together as thin thread.I think that when you really love, other person comes to the forefront for you. You forget about yourself and your requirements. And everything that is important for you – it is other person, his life and his requirements. And if somebody asks you: «Are you ready to give life for him?» you immediately have to answer «yes, I am ready».

And I think that at this moment you will really love the person.Following the level of love is marriage. Marriage is the voluntary union of two people enshrined by the law and a stamp in the passport. I think that only convention. Actually it not important you married or not. Do you know what is really important? It is love. Because in the modern world the sincerity and true love recede into the background. And it isn’t good. The true love is an invisible strength of two people. It is harmony. This full mutual understanding. I think that the most important in family is a love between the husband and the wife.

Creation of family begins with it.From here enduring interest in love, aspiration to understand: what is love? Whether it is necessary for marriage? Yes. Love and family are compatible if half are married. If the husband and the wife are parts of the uniform balanced person. Love and marriage inseparable concepts.

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