Essay about marriage

Essay about marriage

Essay about marriage.
A wedding is always fun and different, otherwise it would be boring. And none of the participants in the celebration expects anything from him except for one single person – the bride. Each potential bride first dreams of a prince on a white horse, then of an ideal wedding. But something always goes wrong, and a well-thought-out plan changes to a completely ill-conceived, and, as a result, the bride enters a new life, while experiencing some disappointment.

But, perhaps, it’s time to say about the important. As a wedding expert, I appeal to all potential brides and, based on personal experience, I will now tell you how to make a wedding if not ideal, then as close as possible to that. Everything is simple before genius! You need at least a little to score on all plans and conventions. The smallest pofigizm regarding the wedding event will immediately make you much happier, freer, more joyful.

Any shoal in the program of celebration is perceived as an unexpected surprise. And remember, this surprise will be pleasant or not very pleasant, depends only on how you perceive it. Turn flaws into virtues. It will not be difficult to do it, because, in addition to you, no one will ever know whether the wedding was ideal or not, because you have ideas about ideality alone, and millions of other brides are completely different. Tell everyone that, in your opinion, it was perfect – let them envy!

All annoying miscalculations and successes in the organization of the holiday should not be key to the bride. In the foreground, the bride has always one person – the groom. He is for her the main character in her life – now and in the future. If you really love your chosen one, do not press too much on him at the wedding.

Do not demand that he necessarily get acquainted with Uncle Vasya or Aunt Rachel, do not blame if in the morning he put on the wrong tie, do not incinerate him with a glance if he does not recognize you by a kiss due to a misunderstanding. Men are stronger than women in stress, and a wedding is a huge stress, from which even an iron man who is in the center of attention and events can get lost. Therefore, leave your lover alone for this day. After all, does it make any difference what kind of tie does he marry you?

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