Essay about model family

Essay about model family

Essay about model family
There is nothing more important in our life than family. We become what we are only thanks to our parents. In the future we can create our own family and our success as a parent will depend on how happy and friendly our family was. In some countries you may find different points of view on what family should be or what a model family must look like. The first thing to be discussed is what model family really is.

Model family is the most perfect structured family, which have got to be ideal for growing children up. But as it was said, all this models vary from country to country. For example, in the USA it is normal and acceptable to have four members of the family. It should consist of a mother, a father and two children. That is quite normal for the USA but not for India or African countries, where the number of children could rich five or six children per family.

As far as you can see, the structure of a model family also depends on cultural and historical traditions. The main features of such a family are: support and mutual understanding. Nevertheless, they can be reduced due to territorial aspects. For instance, family relations are weaker in Australia. It’s not about people’s mentality. The problem is that they can’t keep in touch with other members of the family remotely. And these members have to leave Australia in order to find a better and well-paid job.

In China, you can see how important role of parents is. Parents take care of their children in different aspects of life. It could be education, work and even relationships. They are really concerned about children’s future and obviously they expect respect and gratefulness from them.

To summarize, we can find different ideas on how model family should look like, but still there is no general feature for all the countries and nationalities. It all depends on historical, economical and cultural aspects.

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5 thoughts on “Essay about model family”

  1. Very instructive statements! For me, my family is the most important and valuable in life! Completely agree with the idea of ​​the author! Competently laid out all and interesting!

  2. Interesting article. The model of the family to which you should be based is your country, within the country? But you wrote about yourself: (We become what we are only thanks to our parents.) I want to say that you are wrong. Here is one family: Parents drink, lead a wild life, but children try to live, they study perfectly. And here is another family, Parents are working, trying for their child, but the child is not good at learning, his permissiveness is expressed. Therefore, the family model can not be.

  3. I agree with the author. The greatest happiness when your house is full of warmth, love and understanding. Family is the greatest value in life. It is necessary to love the mistresses. You can not forget your family.

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