Essay about model of communication

Essay about model of communication

Model of communication
Despite many objective aspects of the existence of all mankind, people must maintain relationships of a certain level and quality. In particular, there must be proper compassion and understanding, the level of which will be sufficient for the normal life of each individual person.

The aspect of mutual understanding and compassion among people was raised and considered in many literary works. But for the sake of justice, it is worth noting that the authors have no unanimity about this phenomenon. I can express my own position on this important issue.
First, it is worth saying that between people always existed, there is and there will be competition. Moreover, this competition is quite serious and tough. The fact is that the resources of our planet at all are not enough and never enough. In addition, it is also important that people always compete for the right to have access to certain goods. The more you try and do for a society, the more you get from it.

On the other hand, it is important to note that it is far from always possible to treat mutual understanding and sympathy with someone who is your direct competitor for receiving some kind of good or something like that. Usually such people are treated with aggression and cruelty, because they are direct competitors who can win something for yourself.

We are always ready to divide both something pleasant and troubles with loved ones. We are ready to sympathize with them, show our understanding of their problems and be useful in all other matters. The fact is that a person cannot be good at all to all without exception.
As a rule, these good qualities are spent on relatives and friends, but for all others they remain very few. It is possible to think long, whether it is good or bad, but it is the most real fact that should be recognized.

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  1. Society is the most important part of our lives, but communication is the most important part of society. That’s why you barely can overestimate importance of understanding what communication is and how it all works.

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