Essay about model student

Essay about model student

The model of a student
The student is nothing else from which everything can go. Folklore says: “Only a student can go to a lecture, but find himself in the park.” A normal student, of course, will never miss the occasion to reclaim, even despite the hanging patches of sword examinations and scores.
A student is not a vessel that needs to be filled with knowledge, but a torch that needs to be ignited. Student’s life is the most beautiful time. It is the student’s most interesting and memorable years. This time is filled with romance, carelessness.

Student life brings a lot of joy. At first, a person is rejoicing when he learns to become a student, then new friends and friends. From one session to another, students live happily. And how difficult it was even to survive.

Every person has good memories of student life. How to prepare for the session, how it was given, and how it was later noted. How it is, when there is not enough scholarships, how to raise money on a pack of macaroni. As they gathered in the evening, they sang a song under the guitar, how glue the wallpaper in their room as they went to hike.

Over the years all the best is mentioned. The most interesting life of those who live in a student’s dormitory. There were a lot of friends there. Especially interesting time is the night before the exam, when openings are opened, thrown tied on the cord of scoring and accompanied by the spells “Freebie come”. Spells need to scream loudly. This is a special magic ritual, through which students must pass a test on a positive evaluation. And every student believes in it.

Everyone who was a student can remember many interesting stories from student life, since this is the most interesting time. Everything in this world is changing, but, unfortunately students change the least, because they are so tired to change.

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  1. Very important statements. Tells about what and the truth is students, their understanding and what they should be. I too will soon become a student, so this statement is useful for future students.

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