Essay about model

Essay about model

Model life is like a fairy tale, so it attracts a lot of people. Many photos, model shows are the dreams of every girl. But for luxury and charm, hard work is hidden, girls do not sleep well, do not eat enough to stay beautiful and slim.
The model business is the dream of many girls around the world. Indeed, who would not want to make big money and get admiration solely because of its appearance? So, that the interest of the fair sex to this business is quite understandable and justified. But is it all right arranged in the model business, what does it seem at first glance?!

Consequently, many girls are interested in getting into the model business. It should be noted at once that the history of model business counts a lot of ups and downs, it is not always the career grows up and also it is not always suddenly sharply does not go down.

Starting your way in this business, you need to remember that glory here is rarely ever durable. Just imagine how many models are in our day, and how many of them know in person and by name all over the world. This is a very small percentage. As a pretty figure and a beautiful face, this is not all that is needed to keep you smarter.
The main thing is – correctly evaluate your chances. It’s no secret that the modeling business requires girls with a figure at least close to the ideal, as well as with an interesting face. It does not necessarily be nice, on the contrary, now demand for models is charming and interesting.

In addition, you need to have charisma to remind people to draw attention and stand out from the mass of beautiful models that are not so small.

Girls should first think, second dream, finally dare! Every dream must come true! But, people should be full of respect for those who make this world more beautiful and kinder, their work is invaluable and difficult. And humanity should not forget about it!

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