Essay about modeling

Essay about modeling

A model business is the same profession as everyone else. It is safe if you do not behave correctly, do not get bogged down, do not seek adventure and know your price. Yes, there are girls who are far from “podium” affairs, calling themselves models.
This is their personal choice. And no one is insured – neither the seller nor the usual manager. But top models that work with well-known, image agencies are far from dirty work. Before choosing a model agency, you need to approach very seriously.

For example, if the agency is engaged in escort or provides other non-model services, rumors about it will begin to spread actively. But there is no smoke without fire, therefore, from such an agency it is necessary to stay away.

To become a well-known model, you need to work a lot on yourself. It’s hard work both physically and morally. It is necessary to participate in all castings, to look flawless, to be in good physical shape and to strive for success. If we talk about world podiums, then you need to sacrifice relationships with close people. Since modeling is not work in one city: castings, surveys, shows, flights from one country to another, and, therefore, you need to devote yourself to work for a few years.

You need to start from 14-15 years old. To become a model, you need to have an interesting look, with a height of 170 cm and parameters of about 90-60-90. And this is not all: you need to be educated and educated, to know your price and sincerely believe in your dream.

The most important thing is that the girl who wants to play this game is to be herself. It’s very easy to say, but it’s very hard to do. Many of the girls I say so are very annoying. They do not understand what the problem is. Nevertheless, beauty is impossible without sincerity, naturalness, liberty. And such people, to my great regret, among us – very few.

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5 thoughts on “Essay about modeling”

  1. Yes model business, it is the same working conditions as at the ordinary worker. Only still and demands much more. Well, for example the compliance figures, it is natural to refuse eating certain foods you can eat. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Unlike us who is watching and looks at it through the fog. In General, a very difficult career modeling.

  2. I have been in the modeling business since I was fifteen, so many times I came across such personalities. In modeling it’s not a bad thing to be like that. With such a character it is easier to break through in this occupation.

  3. I’m not a model, but I still imagine that this is not an easy job! You can not compare different activities, and say that somewhere it is easier, but somewhere not. Everywhere there are difficulties, and features. Watching what the models work, you can not say that it’s just.

  4. I used to work as model when younger. Just locally in our town. I should add that one needs ambitious parents who support such a career. I had to stop doing this job because my parents wanted me to get ‘proper’ education and occupation.

  5. I think that models are amazing. They are fit, tall, beautiful. And it’s really hard job to do. They need to spend hours on the auditions before they can get a job. And sometimes they are spending hours posing for the photos. That’s why I admire models for their strength. Both mental and physical.

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