Essay about money and happiness

Essay about money and happiness

Essay about money and happiness
Is money somehow connected with happiness nowadays? There are a lot of people who compare these meanings. You won’t find a certain answer, because there are a lot of aspects that should be considered. Money became a way of resolving problems for some sorts of people in this world. That is why it is compared with happiness.

As one proverb says, money is a root of all evil. How can it be possible that money stands for happiness and evil at the same time? The answer is quite easy. Almost everyone has his personal vision of happiness. For some people, money is a method of being self-confident and respected among certain people. Money can also help us to resolve problems and overcome difficult situations. And after all, it is a main source of livelihood for the majority of people.

Moreover, money is one of the best ever made thing that regulate relations between employer and employee. You can buy different goods with the help of money too. But still it remains the main reason of all wars and troubles all around the world. Some people don’t understand how to spend money in a proper way. It is a great tragic when a person considers money as the main purpose of his life. We should remember that money can’t buy life and health. It doesn’t matter whether you poor or rich. Everyone will face death sooner or later and it is a great mistake when someone forgets about real life. Instead of it he waste all the time on earning money. This process can last endlessly.

To tell you the truth, there is other side of the coin. If we have enough money, we can do good things. For example, you can involve a small amount of money in charity or in organizations that help to protect environment. Helping others we become happier. Anyway, we have got different point of views on what happiness is. Just don’t let money to be a central reason to live.

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