Essay about money can’t buy happiness

Essay about money can’t buy happiness

Essay about money can’t buy happiness
That’s true that there are things which money can’t buy. They refer to moral aspects. We are alive and able to feel love and many other emotions. Nothing can substitute happiness if the soul suffers from pain, misses somebody or even loses a person who is very dear. Money can give us comfort, good education, opportunity to travel.

But you will never find love if you evaluate money more. Happiness includes different components:
– health;
– feeling that your family is along with you;
– love;
– friendly environment.

So, when something is wrong at home you may be unhappy, upset, sad, frustrated. Nobody minds while telling that money helps to get a lot of commodities. But obtain happiness means to come close to heavens from inside. Here a person learns how to enjoy all what he has already got and be grateful for everything. It’s an art indeed to realize that being happy doesn’t depend on money. You can be completely pleased, when you’re surrounded by close people, when you have a job. Even being healthy is considered a great gift. Look around and you will see sick men, women, children. They are disabled: blind, paralyzed, deaf. Only encountering such situations people start to understand how little they need to feel happy.

Of course, humans quickly forget about strange sufferings, concentrating on personal problems. There are thousands of evidences proving that rich people are unlucky in private life or ill. Wherever we are we should thank the God for our health, relatives, house. Earning money for a living is necessary, but it must not become the main goal. Often making a fortune people lose human qualities, as kindness and generosity. That’s why their friends turn away, and greedy, angry people stay alone. Loneliness is the worst thing that can kill us slowly, because our souls need love.

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