Essay about money is important

Essay about money is important

People have been using money for a long time. The money was invented so that you could pay for the right product.
Every person has his own attitude towards money. For some, money is an indicator of well-being and receiving all the benefits of life. For others money help to survive. But everyone earns money by what he can do but spends them on what he needs for life: food, clothing, entertainment, hobbies and more.

There are people who believe that money can be measured by everything and for them the amount of cash is an indicator of a person’s success. They are trying to buy branded things, because it is now at the peak of popularity or because you really want to have something that others do not have. There is no limit to fantasy and the whims of rich people. Such people usually can not understand people who are less well off financially, but richer spiritually, people who can spend the last money to make a pleasant surprise to a loved person or buy a ticket to a concert of their favorite artist.

Money is invented by a person so that they help him live. Unfortunately, without money it is impossible to exist in the modern world. Perhaps, only in some distant tribe divorced from civilization. Sometimes people go for much for money: a crime, a deception or a heroic deed beacause money is very important for them. If initially, money was invented as an alternative to commodity exchange, today they are presented as a means of interpersonal communication. People have become slaves who does not see anything except how to make the most money possible.

For all people money is really important. The availability of funds is a kind of independence, freedom of choice. You can choose almost everything and then more money a person has, the better his choice. With the help of wealth one can improve living conditions and rise to a new social level.

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