Essay about money laundering

Essay about money laundering

Essay about money laundering
Money is an issue that needs careful study. It rules minds, destroys friendship, breaks dreams. Even humans’ lives are counted in banknotes. It’s a sad but a true fact. Whatever people do to get money: they kill each other, betray, divide inheritance, try to cheat. So, money has a great power to dictate our conscience its rules.

There are people whose only idol is the golden calf. Nothing sacred is in their thoughts except money. They’re ready to dump the others and spit on feelings and relative links. They are those who day and night make a fortune laundering big amounts. Especially they can be seen in banks, casinos, financial markets etc.

Mechanisms and schemes that are used in such operations are known only to participants of the deals. They decide which ways of transmission are better and safer. These people act out of law system. The sad fact is an obligatory presence of a legal representative in the whole chain. He has to provide with the secure work during the laundering, because there are many hunters who wish to take a part or even the whole bargain. Financial operations allow these people to open private accounts where the money goes straight. That’s how they become rich.

Certainly money laundering is pursued by law. It causes imprisonment when the crime is proved. Then the court has to punish guilty sending them into jail. Actually the money belongs to population of the country where the operation is held. It means that swindlers rob their own state. Not all workers of the banks can be suspected in dirty deals, but corruption and bribery exists in every country. That’s why committees always check the activities of the banks and other financial structures in order to guarantee the clear work and honest usage of money. The control over them is very necessary and vital.

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