Essay about money me and my bank

Essay about money me and my bank

My Bank is a powerful institution in which I put a lot of effort and energy.
All want, of course, rich. Few of those people who can reach their goal ,because it requires not only the desire and ability to work and earn ,but also tenacity, perseverance in his work.

My Bank is not just a scheme to make money. This help those who need my help. Of course, any business should bear fruit, so work takes the price. My baby is hard, and its Foundation is immovable ,yet they are professionals.
Competent managers , consultants – that’s my rock that holds my financial “monster”.
Our team is looking to the future, not looking around, grabbing done by other banks. We do everything independently. All the difficulties easier to bear together, just like we do.

The money each person sees differently. Someone they do not need, and someone without wasting away every day. There are people who are shaking at the mere mention of the word. For me, money is the reward for my work. I know that a lot of people will not be able to do what happened to me ,but if I could do it ,so can others.

The Bank and the money is in perpetual dependency. There is one, will immediately cease to exist the other, as will not need to keep funds and savings of people. My Bank offers people an invaluable aid in preserving what was accumulated over the years. Those who do not have enough money ,I’m willing to give them.

Money is a tool, and the Bank is a repository of these funds. For me, these are indivisible and eternal.

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