Essay about money or love

Essay about money or love

Essay about money or love
Money is a term which is very important in our life. It makes us dependent, pushes for actions we may not want to do. If you are hungry you hardly ever think of spiritual riches. Your stomach dictates you how to arrange your day. That’s great when you don’t feel a need in money and can buy anything you wish. But in case if there’s lack of it and you are short of cash, you will agree for things you really do not like doing.

Everybody feels love during the whole life. Some people fall in love only once, but the majority of them are able to love several times. It is inexplicable how we choose an object of our sympathy. When we love a person he or she seems the best in the universe. Two conceptions of money and love can’t be mixed, because money doesn’t influence on our feeling. If it disappears, then maybe the voice of the mind will tell that loving a poor person is useless. Until we are in love we forgive our beloved, giving him new chances and helping in difficult situations. This magic gift can be stopped in a minute, though.

Some people consider the money is much more effective and profitable than love. But it is up to you whether you can live without one thing while having another. Very seldom people enjoy both money in the pocket and love in heart. Especially rich men prefer join their capitals, they marry their own children despite of the absence of love between young people. It’s awful to sacrifice souls in order to be wealthy. However, this kind of practice is widely spread.

Anyway none of the treasures in the world can buy love, because the true feeling is born deep inside. There are many examples in the history, showing the strength of love and the weakness of money in comparison with the first. You may believe in it or not, but it exists. Moreover it reigns the world, bringing hope and joy to our lives.

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