Essay about money

Essay about money

It is a common thing to hear that money isn’t the most important thing in our life. I can only partially agree with that.
Money has existed from the very beginning of human society. The only thing that changed about it – is its form. If thousands years ago people could use anything in the role of money, let’s say rocks or pretty shells, nowadays we have quite similar money all around the world due to the globalization. 

So what role does money have in our lives? What purpose it serves? Really, it doesn’t matter what opportunities it bring, as the main reason we so desperately are trying to earn it is that it grants us freedom. There are a few kinds of it that we can have, having enough money in our possession. First of all it’s, of course, financial freedom. We live in a capitalist society that praises financial capital above all. The more money you have – the more respected you are. Money in this case is some sort of an importance indicator of one in society.

With a huge amount of money you can surely get the freedom of time. You don’t have to worry about going to work every day anymore – let your finances do the thing! Nowadays there are hundreds of people who live by their deposit earnings.

A certain amount of money is also our key to gaining physical freedom and taking better care of our health. Medicine of our time took a huge step forward during a past few decades. But with the growth of possibilities we can also witness the growth of the prices. Now when the basic medicine is pretty much affordable to anyone, complex medical operations require a lot of finance.

I agree with the statement that money isn’t the most important thing. But in my opinion it affords us obtaining them. With the help of money we can finally possess those things that actually are the most important – like family, friends and our health.

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3 thoughts on “Essay about money”

  1. In addition to money, there are two more monsters that keep a person stronger than chains. This is fame and power. For a wise person, money is not a goal, but a means to an end. This should be the main lesson in schools! From the first class.

  2. Imagine the world without money. People will find another things which gives them uncontrollable power. Money means the possibility of commanding people. So, it doesn’t matter if money exist or not. There will be always something like a competition with the authority as the main prize.

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