Essay about motivation and emotion

Essay about motivation and emotion

Essay Motivation and emotion
When we find a motivation to do something we are often striken by emotions. They’re different because whatever we’re going to start, feelings accompany us. Stopping on the subject about emotions that appear, the most spread are: joy, inspiration, expectation to achieve the goal, hope. As we see they are often positive.

But there are some cases in which the emotions can be negative. This happens when we force ourselves to do things we actually don’t want to. Anyway, forming the motivation we should draw in our imagination only good images, that will help us to come to the finish.
People are usually motivated by outside factors, as environment, work. Looking at other people, we are surprised, we admire, want to follow their way, even envy them.

The motivation derives from a wish to have or to reach something. For example, if you are sick you should set a goal to be cured. The motivation here is to get health. Of course, you have to feel positive emotions, thinking of how you will be happy, walk, laugh, play. Or if you’re going to be promoted at work, you need to turn over pictures of a new higher position in your mind. You mustn’t feel upset, tired or suffer from negative emotions. Otherwise your dreams won’t come true. The favorable emotions feed us with energy, they give a useful effect and influence on material implemetation of events we plan to occur.

Working on your personal emotions is a hard labour. You have to return your thoughts to the primary aim, reflecting on its fulfillment. Then you should make efforts, contribute to this process, so to say. Even if you begin to give up because of difficulties, being oppressed or empty, remember that problems are temporary. In the end you will be awarded. Go on convincing yourself everything goes right, and the first passion will come back.

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