Essay about motivation at work

Essay about motivation at work

Essay motivation at work
Work is the thing people should value, because many problems can be fixed thanks to the job. We earn money to spend for our needs. That’s a perfect motivation to try yourself in different fields. For example, if you like traveling you can choose an occupation where you’ll have a chance to be sent in trips. You will be able to enjoy foreign scenery, food, sights, traditions. If it’s interesting to work with computers, it would be better to serve in big technological companies.

There good workers get really good money. If a person wants to communicate he can go to work as a teacher, because this profession is always tightly connected with people. You’lll keep in touch with students, share experiences with colleagues and even talk to your pupils’ parents.

Some people are motivated when they have a trouble. In order to treat a sick close person they go to medicine. They believe they can help relieve their pain and sufferings. Another case is love for children. These people serve in kindergartens. There they play, get joy, have conversations with kids. It’s a pleasure to watch the children grow up, hear their laughter, answer questions about everything. Therefore the motivation can refer to finacial profit or to moral satisfaction.

If you work and feel bored you should find a motivation to continue or get sacked. Let’s imagine you decided to stay. Then you need to convince yourself it’s not a burden. It’s the place you turn your knowledge into money. If it doesn’t help, you should relax a bit. Relax is a good motivation, too. After work you can promise yourself to go to the resort or somewhere else. Vacation, tickets, delicious meal cost expensive, so you have to save money. Again we come back to the subject of work. But if nothing awakens your interest in your job, maybe you give it up and start something different. Perhaps, your soul waits for other things, and in a favourite occupation it will blossom, opening your best sides.

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