Essay about motivation for college

Essay about motivation for college

Our life consists of a huge number of different choices and decisions but some of them are very difficult for us and we spend a lot of time thinking what to do. Sometimes it is so hard to make a decision and lots of people put their hands down. In spite of this there are people who try to direct us on our initial path. It’s called motivation.

College education is one of such difficult decisions because it is hard for all people and it does not matter whether an intelligent person or not. Consequently we can say that motivation for college is necessary thing.
Of course, academic performance can be improved by the help of motivation. For example, a lot of parents motivate their children so that they give money for good marks. As a result students try to learn well and don’t give up.

More than that, motivation for college can be any person who achieved more than others. All people want to live as their idols, have a lot of money and well paid job. In my opinion students should be aligned with successful people motivating themselves to study and develop.
However, students are always in nervous state because they have lots of tests or exams and the huge amount of support and motivation can aggravate the psychological condition. Therefore it’s best not to overdo it.

Furthermore, the government of our country can motivate students with special grants and most of them will try to learn better to get these grants. The same way, the government should come up with such educational programs that will be interesting for students without any motivation.

In conclusion, I would like to say that motivation is important thing for every person and without it people can stop developing because of his laziness or unwillingness. Naturally, without motivation in studies the entire young population will not be educated which will lead to terrible aftereffects.

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