Essay about motivation in life

Essay about motivation in life

Essay motivation in life
Before we do something we think why we need it. Usually there is a concrete goal. It can be private interest or help to anyone. So it depends on motivation that makes us spend our time and power to solve a problem or just focus efforts on any task. First we plan how to start the deal. Then move towards our aim. The motivation pushes us forward, directing in the right way.

Wish to fulfill something is inspired by different factors. You may imagine how you become fitter, richer, more intelligent, happier. Dreams also have got a big influence on the motivation. They give us energy and awoke additional strength.

If the fate didn’t give us what we wanted to have, it forces us to act. We choose an aim, then reflect on the topic, and after that begin to realize the goal. We hope our expectations won’t disappoint us. That’s why we stream to achieve the final point. Thoughts about success visit the mind, they are like an engine which fill our soul with a sense. We can look at several kinds of motivations. It’s convenient to divide work, family, self-confidence items. When a person tries to make a career he wants to get a high position and salary. He works long hours and devotes his extra time to the job in order to become a boss. In his turn, the boss dreams of widening his enterprise, company, business etc. There’s no stop-sign. An ordinary manager sees himself as a top manager. A usual doctor tries to become a master. A student – a professional.

When people want to find a husband or a wife, they improve their behavior, appearance, habits. So, we can bravely say the motivation is the thing which rules the main human impulses. There’s nothing impossible if we’re ready to change our lives. It’s important to understand the real results we want to get. Inside resources are in our disposal, we should only let them assist us to build better life and better future.

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