Essay about motivation in the classroom

Essay about motivation in the classroom

Motivation in the Classroom

From the first steps in school learning becomes the main activity for children. The key figure of the educational process is a teacher. The level of his competence determines the way he/she conducts lessons and creates favorable conditions for every pupil’s overall development. Personality of a teacher is an example and a reference point for a group of children. At the lesson each member of the group learns how to collaborate, to respect each other, to work hard. It is important for every pupil to be active while solving problems, to put thoughts into words, to make decisions autonomously.

Pupils’ strong motivation should rule in class in order to help the teacher to form mental, physical and emotional readiness for their adult life.

If to apply the term to the educational sphere, motivation is a complex of meaningful and effective incentives to learn. This is an inner impulse to succeed and develop definite personal traits in oneself. By way of creating effective motivational environment the teacher encourages pupils’ striving for learning. The acquired stock of knowledge is meant to be used in practice in order to make products of intellectual, cultural or scientific value. What should a teacher do to develop pupils’ desire to achieve success in class and further in life? The right ways are:
to establish rapport;
to cope with stress;
to form positive attitude to learning;
to guide further education and self-education.

Psychologists say that if children have striking abilities but lack motivation their chances of being a success in learning and in developing talents are probably zero. Individual approach in class, eye contact, praising, appropriate assessment of achievements – these are the real ways to improve the quality of teacher-pupils’ relationships. Generally speaking, all methods of motivation amount to encouragement and punishment. A mark will have stimulating effect if it is better and greater today than it was yesterday. But there is a nuance! A child should not get used to totally excellent or totally bad marks. So, assessment manner is to be changed from time to time.

Teaching and learning are the processes that take place in interaction. That is why the development of communication skills is an important part of effective motivation. Mutual understanding in group leads to higher self-esteem and to more respect in adolescent environment.

In conclusion, motivation in the classroom has many faces, so to speak, methods. They should go together with family upbringing to result in high quality school education. The main goal a teacher pursues is to provide knowledge and motivate pupils. It is seen in appropriate attitude and effective praising. A computer or any robot is definitely unable to replace a good teacher!

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