Essay about motivation in the workplace

Essay about motivation in the workplace

Motivation in the workplace
Motivation really increases the basic productivity of labor. A highly motivated employee actually works better. Organizations whose employees work well generally show better results, and changing workers’ attitudes toward work increases the company’s profitability.
We offer you 3 ways to increase motivation and improve the quality of work of employees which have proven themselves in practice.

1. Make the tasks more clear
The subordinate must be clear what he is doing, why he is doing it, and how well he does his job. You can achieve great results if you help employees see their personal contribution to the common cause, and also if employees are sure that their work is evaluated regularly, promptly and accurately.

2. Create a bank of ideas
Your subordinates may have good ideas, but most of the employees are sure that no one cares about their ideas. At the same time, most managers would like the subordinates to share their ideas and fresh thoughts with them, just the leaders are not good at asking. More often than not, they interrupt a subordinate or reject his proposals. Such managers immediately deprive employees of their self-confidence and can not achieve their goal.

3. Motivate with knowledge
To achieve professionalism in any work, an employee should strive to become the best in his specialty. Therefore, you can use knowledge and training as a reward and motivating factor.
Make additional knowledge an asset to inspire workers to continue learning. Invite the subordinate to choose the training course and give him the opportunity to free training!

As already proved by research, the motivation of employees increases much more if they have a clear and understandable course of action before they are influenced by their professional experience or the expected fee. Be careful and successful!

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