Essay about motivation of students

Essay about motivation of students

Essay Motivation of students
Students are a sort of people who study only when there is a strong need in it. So let’s make a list of motivation types. They are:
– demand of a drgree, certificate;
– requirement for knowledge;
– parents’ wish to give their children education;
– a desire to pass an exam and go abroad.

These are the main principles, motivating the youth to learn. Never mind what they study. It can be any subject, a foreign language or law, but they should be sure it’s necessary for the future. Also a good motivation is earning money to improve life condotions. When you and your family suffer from lack of money, it will inspire you to stream ahead.

A half depends on a student, and the second half – on a teacher or a tutor. The pedagogue can awaken the student’ s will to study. Taechers usually use different methodics and interactive games to fill the process with interest. Starting a class it’s important to pay attention on warming up part when the participants get ready for the lesson. After that studying is more interesting. While working with children these tricks are very effective. It is known that kids learn faster and better, that’s why the teachers need to look up an additional information on internet.

If the people are motivated by promises or any reward they study well. Without plans to develop themselves, nobody is able to overcome problems. On the way they come across with barriers, fears or an apathy. Good and successful samples will be convenient here. Watching somebody to reach the top in any field, a person has a burning desire to do the same. TV demonstrates really prominent individuals who managed to become famous, rich and successful. The motivation pushes us to accumulate inside resources for activities as work and studies. That’s how we realize our natural potential.

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