Essay about motivation theories

Essay about motivation theories

Each of us wants to achieve the objectives in life, to be productive. But almost in each of us there is procrastination or a state in which we constantly postpone important issues for late time. Thus we can never make them at all. That to do something, the motivation is necessary. There are several ways to develop it:

1. First of all it is necessary to create a positive spirit. It is easier for positive person to live and more simply to overcome difficulties.

2. To be engaged in what is pleasant. Even if occupation doesn’t bring money, it will be pleasant to them to be engaged. In a further hobby can develop into a business. For example, i f constantly to make handmade toys, to improve skills, it will be shortly possible to open the online store.

3. It is necessary to find powerful motivation. For example, you have to learn a foreign language. It is necessary to think of what he is necessary to you, but not someone. For example:
You want to travel all over the world; Success at work can depend on a foreign language; There is a wish to communicate and read books in a foreign language

4. If there is a favourite business, but it has bothered, it is necessary to switch to other occupation. Thus it will turn out to distract and to start hobby with new forces. It is impossible to exhaust the spiritual and physical forces.

5. It is necessary to remove excess things and thoughts from life — they prevent to live. Society imposes standard desires — good money, expensive car. But if actually there is no wish for it, and there is a wish to help the poor — means, it is necessary to remove the imposed purposes from life. At everyone in life the way, it is necessary to follow the dream.

6. For development of motivation it is useful to play sports. He increases will, force, desire to live, improves mood.
Continuous self-development, following to the dreams and purposes will surely result in success in life.

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  1. Annually, for most students, the desire for academic achievement and motivation for learning decreases. This I write to you — a teacher with experience. In modern times, the majority shifts a lot on the shoulders of the world wide web and thereby fights life and motivation to achieve goals through their own efforts.

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