Essay about motivation

Essay about motivation

Essay about motivation
Motivation is a really big deal in our life. Everything people do they do for some reason, whether it is important or not. Motivation is this reason for actions and moves in people life. It is also direction to our behavior, as it defines our deeds and controls them with their positive or negative consequences.

So, we can say that motivation is definition, meaning and reason of what and why we do.
For example, there is a situation when you need to prepare abstract about World War II. First of all, people try to figure out what motive for them to do it. They think mostly about negative sides in the beginning of the process. Preparing this abstract will cost you some time you could spend playing computer games or whatever else. Maybe you are not interested in history at all and don’t want to fill unnecessary rubbish in your head. But then you try to find a motive to write this abstract.

Perhaps, you need to get excellent mark at school, or you need to prepare to your exam which is very important and you are about to pass it very well with help of this abstract. Maybe you are just a history fan who will gladly do this work for fun. All of the reasons I have mentioned are, in fact, motives. And here it is – we have understanding what the motivation is and why we need it if we want to succeed in our actions.

In general, everybody needs motivation. It helps us understand what and why are necessary to be done. It gives us reasons to live because life is action. Life without motivation is meaningless, because there is nothing possible if we don’t have it. Without motivation human behavior is broken because our mind was created with need for justification of actions. No motive – no action, which means no life. Only those who armed with motivation succeed in their deeds and, in the end, in life.

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