Essay about music

Essay about music

I can’t help admitting that music is the most important part of our identity. It somehow influences on us and makes us feel better. Music is common used in religious services, theater plays and movies. We can’t imagine our life without it, but few centuries ago only rich people could afford it.

The history of music is quite specific and difficult. It was a real miracle to hear music outside churches’ wall. Music of that time was totally religious. The main purpose of it was to glorify God. New opera houses were opened later and the music became more secular, as a person from a middle class could afford it. That was a period, when new genres appeared. Popularization of different types of music began with radio and TV invention.

Thanks to technologies we can create music on our own. All we need is a special program and a manual how to use it. I respect tastes of other people and can’t judge whether such artificial music is good or not. To tell you the truth, I don’t like very loud and energetic music. That is why I prefer such genre as reggae. This is rhythmical and slow music. The motherland of reggae is Jamaica. Bob Marley is one of the most famous reggae singers all over the world.

This music is full of good energy and peace. I like the way it sounds. The lyrics of reggae songs are full of wisdom and prudence. They include verses from the Bible that is why Jamaican rastafarinas use it during their religious services.

Unfortunately, nowadays music has an entertaining feature and songs often have no common sense in their lyrics. That happens because publishers just want to make money. But I think that music is a personal choice of everyone. It should apply to our demands. I also believe that it somehow change our vision of life and makes us better. So, don’t be ashamed of genre you prefer to listen to. Even if it is pop music or rap.

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