Essay about my dream house

Essay about my dream house

The house of my dreams. What is it?

Nowadays, people increasingly want to move into a big house. What do you need for this? Consider a few options.
In my opinion, to get the house of your dreams, you need to earn enough money. What will be the house? It can be large and beautiful, it can have many rooms and several floors of the floor. Thus, the house of my dreams is a beautiful and expensive mansion. All people want a big house, invest a lot of money in real estate. I partially agree with this, because at all times it is the housing of a person pointed to his financial position and status with society. Everyone dreamed of a beautiful apartment.

With young children, especially girls, imagined elegant castles with princesses, it was like a Prince to live in the same beautiful house. In such a house, according to the child, there should be a room for Pets, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a beautiful and large garden with trees on which fruits grow, a large swimming pool and a tower. For the little man it was a” dream house”.

But on the other hand, the house can be an ordinary apartment, not big. But it can be cozy and warm, where there are people who’ll wait for you there like. that is, the dream house-a place where you need, where you can come back at any time, and you will be happy there.
Also people say that the house is where mom is. This is also true, because mom is the most native person who raised you, taught you a lot. Mom is the person who will always love you. when a person grows up, in his life there is another kind of family, it is his children and loved one. so nothing could be better than your family.

I think that’s the way the dream house should be. Why else would man the cottage, if no one is waiting, if the person is single. He won’t be happy. the best place is a house that is filled with love and warmth, in which there is always peace and joy in which a person feels happy.

In conclusion, I want to say that every person builds a dream house himself. but to build a dream house on earth, you need to first build it in another place. In his soul.

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