Essay about my dream india

Essay about my dream india

My dream’s India
India is the place of mysteries, charm and beauty, where a lot of ways of life merge into one state. This is a miracle and a dream at the same time. This is a strange mix of languages, customs and beliefs, so multifaceted that a whole life is needed for their knowledge.

In India there are mixed, diverse cultures. The country has an incredible variety of dialects, religions and ethnic groups. Traditions and customs in India differ in many respects from European norms of behavior. There are also several different religious denominations in India- Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, each of which has its own lifestyle.

People here protect their “personal space”, despite the high population density. Incidentally, the Indians prefer to keep distance. It is not reasonable to touch the body or clothing of a person, such a person’s gesture can be offended.
India is a vivid example of what the synthesis of Western materialism and the Eastern spiritual principle can achieve. Even deeply imbued with their own culture, the inhabitants of India absorbed positive influences of the West, especially highly developed information technologies.

India has historically developed areas that differ in socio-cultural peculiarities, way of life of the population. This diversity is a good basis for the development of cognitive ethnographic tourism. Hinduism, which has about eighty percent of its followers, is dominant among the population. India’s geography is very diverse. Most of the north of the country is outlined by the chain of the Himalayas.

India’s an incredible, beautiful and interesting country, I am very dream of going to discover more about culture, the life of the local settlement, plunge into this mysterious atmosphere! I’m sure, that my dream comes true!

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