Essay about my dream job engineer

Essay about my dream job engineer

Essay about my dream job engineer
Every man wants to be happy, and I think that one of the main components of happiness is a favorite work, as well as a desire to benefit people and be someone necessary … How to choose your own way? Who to become in life? After all, there are a lot of professions, and all of them are interesting in their own way. But we simply do not notice many professions, have got used to them and we consider something ordinary.

And if we imagine that janitors, bus drivers, bakers or sellers will disappear from our lives, then we will immediately become uncomfortable: we are so accustomed to the comfort and continuous work of all those who surround us, serving. I know for sure that the question of the future profession is not a toy, but a serious problem of choice. After all, from what decision I will take today, my entire future life, material security and social status will depend. Moreover, from my decision will depend on the well-being of my family, my mother – the person closest and dear to me. Is not it?

Unfortunately, it happens like this: you start learning or working and understand that you have chosen the wrong way for yourself. Nobody is immune from mistakes, so before making a final decision, you need to analyze all the options, weigh all the pros and cons. Choosing a faculty for admission to a higher education institution, I know for sure that it will be technical! Most likely, it will be “Industrial and civil construction”. I’m attracted to the work of the creator, the creator, namely the engineer-designer. An engineer who is able to make his own decisions, confirming them with engineering calculations, and also introducing his solutions into real objects – buildings and structures erected for many years.

I think that it will be interesting for me to study, since this specialty contains the creative elements necessary for the design of buildings, engineering skills for calculating building structures and building production. At present, the demand for design engineers is quite high. They can get jobs both in public and private repair and construction companies. The inalienable qualities of a good engineer, in my opinion, are initiative, independence, ability to make decisions, creative approach to work and, most importantly, love for people, for their work.

As a rule, engineers are people with technical thinking and abilities, but often their work is creative. The basic time the engineer-designer at work spends on creation and designing of drawings. He does this both on paper and on special computer programs. Sometimes the engineer goes on a business trip to check the compliance of the construction crews of the planned drawing, but basically this is a time-consuming office work.

I am sure that my work will give me the opportunity to participate in the design and construction of iconic objects of our beloved city, our country. I want to prove to everyone that they know how to build and design in Russia. I close my eyes and imagine the first building, made according to my drawing. What will it be?! Concert hall? A sports complex? And maybe a medical center for children !? I am convinced of one thing: I will put my whole soul and all my knowledge into this project.

I dream that walking through the streets of our glorious city, I can admire the buildings that are built on my project. I dream that my children and grandchildren will be proud of me: after all the objects made according to the drawings of their mother and grandmother will be beautiful and modern. I am sure that my dream will come true and I will become an engineer, a professional with a capital letter!

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  1. My dream job

    My dream job is a flight attendant.i want to be a flight attendant because I want to help my parents and to return their sacrifices for me and to my siblings.

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