Essay about my dream job pharmacist

Essay about my dream job pharmacist

Why I want to become a pharmacist

I have always dreamt of working in the sphere of medicine. The most attractive profession for me is a pharmacist. This is one of the useful jobs in which you can help people immediately. Obviously, health is the most important thing in life, and health care is the most appreciated and honorable occupation. I think that helping others can make you feel glad.

Medicines are a part of modern life in a world where there a lot of different diseases. Every diseases has its own symptoms and peculiarities. A pharmacist knows how pills, mixtures or powders act in human body. So, for effective curing, you have to choose a proper medicine. Finally, by defeating one or another illness, you make people happy again.

The pharmaceutic profession requires a high level of concentration and responsibility. You have to be able to communicate with people, to find a personal approach to every client.

I also expect that working in pharmacy will give me some experience. The knowledges I will able to gain from it will help me to be successful in future. There is a lot of ways for a pharmacist to develop his skills and career. I’d like to notice that the pharmaceutic business is quickly developing now, so in this view you can become a trade pharmaceutic representative. Beside of drug stores, pharmacists can work in clinical pharmacy, retail or hospitals. The pharmaceutical specialties are also needed for scientific and medical researches. There are many goals in that direction as, for example, inventing an effective medicine against cancer. All of this requires knowledges in biology, chemistry and maths – the subjects I like to study.

Such a large field for a pharmacist means sufficient flexibility to build his career while he will be able to choose his own way accordingly to his personal circumstances, preferences in the profession and life.

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  1. I think, a pharmacist is a very underrated occupation. However, a good pharmacist can be as helpful as a good doctor. Really, this sphere is broad and not restricted only with a job in a pharmacy. It’s a great variant for those who aspire to help people.

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