Essay about my dream job

Essay about my dream job

The dream job
Today, in our modern world, any child, even at an early age, presumes what kind of job he would like to work when he becomes older and older
The kids of our time, who are not yet full age, are already at this age about choosing the desired profession for themselves, but such, by which they would really be able to work. That is, they are already in advance expecting their strength in a profession that is accessible to them, on which they with great pleasure went to work and earned for themselves.

Kids of our time no longer choose for themselves some heroic occupations, for example, such as a pilot. The children of that time dreamed about such a profession, because they wanted to imitate Gagarin and become like her like her. Now, children are aware of all the seriousness and responsibility of this profession. They also understand that such a profession is not very easy and requires certain skills that they would not be able to overcome.

As for kids who already study in educational institutions, the more they have reached adulthood, they are more seriously and adequately choosing their profession.
Because they know that the last call will be ringing soon and the carefree childhood will end. They will need to continue to prepare for an adult life in which they will need to work and earn a living.

But to prepare for an adult life, you will need to choose a profession for yourself. It is necessary to adequately estimate all their knowledge and strength, to determine what skills they have learned for all time in school, and also do not forget about their interests, which also play a very important role.

What would be possible to choose the right profession that would not be in a burden, and in joy, for the future, in adult life, working in such a properly chosen profession delivered one as pleasure. And as the people say, what would you like to go to work, as a holiday!

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