Essay about my dream school

Essay about my dream school

Essay about my dream school
Pupils usually associate school not only with fun they have during recess, but also with boring lessons, strict discipline, loads of homework, and tasteless school meals. However, nowadays education system keeps changing rapidly. So, what is a perfect school like? In this essay I’d like to describe you what a school of my dream is like.

Of course, there should be light and spacious classrooms where pupils and teachers feel themselves comfortable and can focus on their study. They also must be equipped with whiteboards, smart boards, and computers. There also must be special rooms for extracurricular activities.

I like to read very much. That?s why the school of my dream should have a large library with many books for every taste, from classical novels to popular comics and magazines. Furthermore, there must be an opportunity for pupils to leave their textbooks in the library. Nowadays children carry too many heavy things with them, and it simply damages their health! In my dream school they would just leave all their books in the library and pick them up the next day.

I?m also fond of sports. My dream school should have a football and basketball playgrounds and a swimming pool. Physical training lessons should take into account a pupil?s health, physical abilities, and personal preferences.

As for the dining room, I would make the food more tasty and diverse. All in all, that?s not a secret that pupils often don?t have time to eat in quiet environment. The breaks must be a little longer than they are now, so that pupils can eat their dinner without running.
In my dream school all teachers are highly skilled and professional. They love children and try to find individual approach to everyone. Studying process is based on mutual trust and respect. It also would be great if children could finish all their exercises during school time and go home without any homework.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that both primary and secondary school are highly important parts of every person’s life. And the more people start to reorganize educational process, the sooner our dream schools will become a reality!

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