Essay about my dream

Essay about my dream

Essay about my dream
Everyone in his life has a dream or even two. It can be the simple one, but still we have to dream about something. To dream means to live. If we have a dream, then we have a reason to live, believe and fight for it. A person without a dream is a dead man.
The biggest dream of mine is to become a pilot. You can say that it is difficult to learn how to be a pilot. But I know for sure that every profession demands a lot of effort and patience. You can’t start doing difficult operations as a surgeon at once.

First of all, you have to study hard for a long period. Nevertheless, we should remember that there is nothing we can’t do. Anyway, we can try at least.

There are a lot of reasons why I have such a dream. The main reason is that the profession of a pilot is kind of honorable. Can you imagine the gratitude of the people after a successful flight? They appreciate the work you do. Moreover, the skies are so magnificent, especially at night. You visit other countries, meet different people and learn something new about different cultures and the way of their living. What can be as interesting as it? The salary is important too. It is a dangerous and backbreaking profession that is why the amount of a pilot’s salary is high enough.

I created a special strategy or rules, which may help me in achieving my goals. The first and the major rule is to never give up. Imagine that there is only one step left and you didn’t do it. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? The second one is to have patience. Don’t lose your mined while doing something that connected with achieving your aim. Try to do it with pleasure and you will see the positive results. Last but not least, don’t listen to the others. They can persuade you to change your dream but you should stand your ground till the end.

To summarize, we shouldn’t be afraid of dreaming, because there is nothing that we can’t do.

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  1. Dreams, do they come true? Certainly I can say that yes, you just need to dream properly, with the condition that dreams can be embodied in life. By myself, I can say that earlier all my dreams had come true!

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