Essay about my dreams in life

Essay about my dreams in life

Essay about my dreams in life
Every person in this world has a dream. Can you imagine how many people achieved a lot in this life just following their dreams? If you have a dream, you have a reason to live and to create something new in this world.
But to have a dream is not enough, anyway. If you want to you dream come true, you should follow some rules. These rules are not complicated, it depends on dreams you have.

First of all, you should never give up. Don’t listen to strangers or colleges who envy you. Fight until you reach the end and then you can continue. Don’t let a bad day ruin all your plans and dreams. We should remember that a new day can bring us happiness for the rest of our days.

My dreams are simply enough from the one hand. The first thing that I would like to do is to become a teacher. But it is not enough to have only desire. There is should be a calling to. You can give all the best to the younger generation which quite good, as far as I can see. But still, you have to be a person who is ready to change himself in many ways. It is not enough just to be educated. You also need to have selflessness in order to give everything to your students.

The second dream is discover something vital for this world. I don’t pretend to be a scientist or something like that. My discovery can belong to art or literature. I am fond of literature and I write poems from time to time as well.

The last but not the least dream is to be a good person. No matter in what collages you have been educated or how many languages you know. The first and the main thing is to be a good person. You should improve yourself in different ways. It is difficult to get rid of bad habits, but you have to do it.

To summarize, all of my dreams can be achieved. All I need is to follow some rules. Nevertheless, I will have to set new dreams in the future, when these one come true. Wish me good luck!

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