Essay about my family

Essay about my family

Family is an important part of my life. I try to work with all its members to go together only forward. Of course, sometimes we have some great problems. But we immediately try to solve them. We have no other choice.
I live in a large and friendly family. My parents take care of me, giving me the opportunity to grow and grow.

I am the only child in the family, and for this reason I try to provide my parents with a normal old age. Someday, the goal set before me will end positively. And with them, I will be on top.

Chief in our family is Dad. He tries to provide us with the necessary amenities, without which life can not be comfortable. If not for him, we would have changed our usual pace for a long time already. Dimensional existence does not harm us. All together we go in for sports, leaving for the weekend in the park. We take bicycles with us, and we ride them for several hours. We love sports, and we believe that only a sports person can easily endure all the burdens and deprivations of life.

We have a cat that lives with us. We love pets, but we are afraid to start a dog. Too much responsibility. The dog needs special care, and the cat lives in our house. But he does not communicate with us in an active way.
Our family consists of several people. All of them live in the vastness of our large country. On holidays we gather for one big table. We talk about different things, listening carefully to each other.

I try to listen to the opinion of my father and mother. They lived a long life, and have life experience. On many questions they have their own point of view, which sometimes does not coincide with mine. But we do not quarrel, and we try to discuss our thoughts. The only way to understand what the other person wanted to say. Understand what he really thinks. Therefore, we like to talk at a big table. And talk in the evenings with each other on different topics.

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