Essay about my friend

Essay about my friend

I would like to tell you about my friend. His name is Pete. His surname is Soldatov. He is 18 years old. He is rather tall, with fair hair and light-blue eyes.
We first met when we both were kids, back in grade school. He helped me find my bike when it got lost, and we were inseparable ever since. We went to the same school, met new people, grew older year by year, but we always knew that we can rely on each other.

Pete is a really great guy and a good friend for me. He is always there when I need him. Once when I got in trouble with some bullies from our school, he took my side against them. In fact, he always helps when I need him. Back in high school when I was sick with flu and couldn’t go to school for a long time, he came to me every day and helped me prepare for my exams.

Pete likes sports a lot. When he is not busy (though it rarely happens) he goes to the gym to practice boxing. He is a great boxer. At the weekends he usually goes running very early in the morning. That is why he is so muscular and well fit.

When Pete decided to go to the University to study Economics, I was so impressed, I nearly followed him there. I was so lucky he took great trouble in convincing me I was about to make a huge mistake. And now I see that economics is not for me, really.

Pete is really good at his studies too. He always gets good grades. His teachers simply adore him for his academic success. I think that he’s got good scientific potential too.
He has always liked reading good books. And he always knew how to tell me about them to make me want to read them myself. That is how I got to love great classic novels and plays by Shakespeare.

I often wonder how he manages to be successful at so much different things all at once! Maybe because he is so shrewd, quick-witted and good at heart. But I’m so glad that he is my best friend, and I like and respect him so much!

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  1. A good essay on friendship, which began with childhood. Friendship is a good feeling, they need to cherish and cherish in the same way as love! Real friends are not that many! Therefore this story clearly proves all this!

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