Essay about my future

Essay about my future

Essay about my future
While thinking of my future I feel excited. I don’t know what waits for me round the corner. It is interesting and a bit scary. Sometimes l am sure all my plans will come true. But there are moments when l realise the strange influence of forces, which interfere in my life.

They don’t ask whether l agree to do something. I know a person can’t evoid disappointment, failures and mistakes. It’s called an experience. So l’m going to get a big luggage of the experience. I want to try myself in many activities, occupations, travel all over the world and learn useful things. My future should be full of adventures and an amazing discovery what the life is.

My parents demand that l have to get education and a profession. They always tell it’s very important to be able to earn for a living. I concider they’re right, but they should not insist on what they suppose to be good for me. I’d like to become a dancer. My mother doesn’t want me to choose this way, because she thinks it won’t bring me success. My father supports her. He confirms that occupation of a lawyer or an accountant will feed me better. I’m an adult and just need a bit understanding. Anyway, l will continue doing things l like. I mean dancing. I am happy and my soul sings when l dance. It’s an incredible emotional state. It’s not a hobby, it’s my choice. I don’t know if l can become a famous dancer, but only this inspires me.

Finally, l guess that people should listen to their hearts. It is wrong to follow somebody’s wish or dream. Then your life will remind a nightmare. Be brave, don’t give up. And you will see that even mountains open a road for you. It’s necessary to hear the voice inside you, because it does not lie and it usually shows us how to reveal our natural potencial. It refers even to choosing a partner for the future. If you love you have to fight for your hapiness. Of course if that person loves you too.

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