Essay about my school canteen

Essay about my school canteen

Essay about my school canteen
It doesn’t matter how long you have finished school, because the school days always have been special for you. Every time when you come back to school you will always remember sweet memories about your days there. Sometimes it’s pleasant to remember your classmates, teachers even your home tasks. 

It is always nice to visit the places of your childhood. The places where you spent most of your time. I like walk around my school, to go into the library, gym, our classroom.

As for me, the most favourite place during our school days was canteen. It takes a special place in my heart. It was like a small room with wooden tables and chairs. But it was really comfortable. There were few big windows in it with long green curtains. It was not very big, but there were always many people. Unfortunately, there were only about ten tables and sixteen chairs which could accommodate less than half the number of students. You could buy many tasty things there such as tea, cakes, juice, sweets, chocolates and so on. My favourite food was a glass of tea with sugar and lemon, a plate of salad and fries.

The school canteen offered a good service. In despite of I often took a lunch box to school, I had a meal at the canteen with my friends. When the break began we ran towards the canteen. Students fell in a queue and waited for their turn to buy something.
Sometimes we did our homework there before the lesson. We liked to sit there and to discuss the news. The workers of canteen sometimes shouted at students because the talked very loudly.

So many years have passed since I finished school and I have visited a lot of different places and restaurants. But I will never forget such happy moments that we spent at our favourite place. No canteen and no restaurant can match the level of enjoyment which we got in our school canteen.

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