Essay about my school days

Essay about my school days

Essay about my school days
Everyone has pleasant and good memories. As for me, the most of them are connected with the school days. At school we learn not only science, but some more important things like good manners, solving problems, keeping friendship.
I lived in a small town, so our school was not very big. It was two-storey building. There was a sports ground, a library, a canteen and fifteen classes.

There were about 100 students and ten teachers. When I come back home, I usually visit my school.
I have still remembered my first day at school. I was really scared, but few days later I met my friends. I thought that going to school was the most boring part of my life for the last eleven years. But the years I spent at school have been the most memorable. We used to play different games, gossip and sometimes fight with our foes. We liked our teachers, because they were very wise and could give us some good advices. I am very grateful for them, because they supported me. When I think about them every teacher is returning to the classroom, on the first day of school.

The greatest part of the school days was celebration of holidays. We used to make concerts, sing songs, tell poems. On some holidays we visited museums, exhibitions of famous artists, cinemas. It was really funny to take part in different competitions between classes and even schools. We won the prizes all the time.

I had a best friend at school. Her name is Lera. She was very kind to me and always helped to solve my problems. We used to play our own games, draw funny pictures. We spent most of time together. At school we have a tradition. We often exchanged our lunches. At the weekend we used to play computer games, watch new films or cartoons, try to cook some tasty dishes.
There were my good memories from school life. I wish all children have such happy childhood as mine.

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