Essay about my school friends

Essay about my school friends

Essay about my school friends
A friend is a special person with whom you can share your secrets, feelings and even your clothes. It is one who will stare with you in any situations.
Every person has friends, but not all of them are the best ones. I am lucky, because I have a few friends. I met them at school and they are my classmates. So most of the time we spend together. We always get on well, because we have the same tastes in music, films, books. They are Anna and Liza.

They are tall.
Anna has long dark hair and blue eyes. She is smart and very kind. She is fond of sport and she has won many prizes in the sport competitions. She is funny. Anna has a pet dog and she likes to take care of it. Our school is proud of her. But she is often late to school.

As for Liza, she has fair hair and grey eyes. She is hard-working, polite and confident person. Liza likes singing. She often takes part in school concerts. Her dream is to become a famous singer. I am sure that one day her dream may come true. Our teachers love her.

We often share many things with each other. All of us have some special habits and the others try to learn them. My friends and I usually spend weekends together. Every time when I get a new film I invite girls to watch it. We sometimes go to the cinema, play tennis or go swimming. I never get bored with them. In summer we go to the seaside with our parents. After that we go to the summer camp. It is our tradition.

The girls always will help me. When somebody of us is wrong we always point out her mistake and help to correct it.
We often visit each other, so the parents of our friends are very kind to us. Ann, Liza and I always celebrate holidays together.
There are many different relationships in the world, but I think that friendship in one of the most important. Being with Anna and Liza makes me really happy and I never want to lose them. I am proud that I have such helpful friends.

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