Essay about my school life

Essay about my school life

Essay about my school life
The days at school is the best part of human being. Many people have sweet memories about their school. People learn many important things there like the meaning of life, friendship and love. We meet our friends there. Everyone tries to make his life better, but at school we learn how to do it.

When I was a child, I lived in a small town. So first eleven years of my childhood I spent in a small school. It was situated near the big park. And during the big break we used to have a rest there. There was a sport ground, a football field, a small library and a canteen in my school. Sometimes big concerts took place in our school canteen.

I was very afraid when I came to school for the first time, but later I liked it. I met many good people there. I remember all my teachers. They were very kind to us. They always told us different stories and taught through them. Our teachers helped to prepare us to a future life and shaped our character.

A school year was divided into four terms. It began in September and finished in May. We had holidays that lasted one week after each term. The lessons started at 8 o’clock and finished at 3 o’clock. I went to school every day and got good marks. We studied many subjects: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Math, IT, History, Geography and others, but my favourite subjects were Math and PE. I liked sport and I wanted to be a famous sport star. I took part in different sports competitions.

At the weekends I met my classmates and we went for a walk. We could play football or go to the theatre or cinema. In summer when we did not see each other we missed. We liked the first days at school after holidays.

When I remember my school days I fell like a child again. So I always carry in my mind the great treasure of sweet memories about my school-life and share it with my best friends who are my old class-mates.

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