Essay about my school trip

Essay about my school trip

My school trip
An English proverb says “Travel broadens the mind”. Along journey or even a short trip is an important experience for everyone. School trips are a part of extra-curricular activities. What I really like about our free time activities at school is our trips with the whole class. These trips are interesting and educational for both teachers and students. 

I want to tell about our last trip to the Science and Technology Museum. It was amazing and unforgettable. At first everything was settled for a trip: the teacher called our parents, booked tickets in advance and hired a bus. We arranged the time and place for the meeting. It took us about forty minutes to get to the museum. I enjoy travelling by bus when you can talk to your friends, listen to music and sing songs. My classmates were all excited about what they would see at the museum as many of them are good at technology.

At the museum the guide told us plenty of interesting facts related to industry and industrial machinery. The museum has many replicas of old and modern industrial objects. I was greatly impressed with a model railroad and the first diesel-powered passenger train. Besides we were told about the development of industry and science in 19-20th centuries. We could try one of the oldest computer games and experiment with lights. The museum is supported by the state and is one of the biggest cultural attractions in the city.

At the end of the excursion we could ask questions and make photos of some items. I should admit everyone was impressed. Our trip was really thought-provoking and interactive. When we finally arrived home we were in high spirits and full of positive emotions.

To sum up, I should say that any school trip is a great experience for development and adventure. No wonder everyone in my class would go for another trip without hesitation.

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