Essay about my school

Essay about my school

My school
A school is not only a place where people can study how to read and to write. It’s also a temple of learning where children can get to know some important things like manners, discipline and etc.
I live in a small town, so my school is not very big. It’s three-storey building. My school is situated in a great place near the bank of the river Dniper.

That’s why there are many green trees around the school. There two modern football fields and the basketball court. The school’s building has U shape.

There are about 30 classes with 20 students in each class and 35 teachers. Our school has also a big library with modern computers and there are many new books in it. Sometimes when we have free time or during the big break we can visit it and read new comics and magazines. There is a canteen where children could have their lunch. It’s not very big, but it’s comfortable. There is also a wonderful mural on the wall drew by students of our school.

Every week at school is devoted to some theme. Children usually take part in different competitions and win some prizes. Students, their parents and teacher often celebrate such holidays like the Teacher’s Day, New Year, Women’s Day, The Day of Knowledge, Halloween and others. Children usually perform songs, skits, show fancy dresses and have a party.

Almost all children of our school like to celebrate Sports Day. During these days students and sometimes their parents participate in different activities. Our favourite activity is to pass the quest. We always win the prizes.

There is also a school magazine “The news of our school”. It is published by students of 11th form. There many funny stories about or school life, jokes, poems and riddles.

Our school usually shows good results not only in studying every year. It is in the top 100 schools in our country. I am really proud of it.

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