Essay about nature and environment

Essay about nature and environment

Nature is a big and interesting world that surrounds us. Life does not stop here for a minute. We live in this world. We are surrounded by many objects. They are created by human hands. These are buildings, roads, bridges, clothes, shoes, cars, furniture, computers. But there are many things that have arisen by themselves, without the help of man: earth and water, trees and animals, the sun and the sky. It’s nature.

Man is also part of nature. This does not mean that people can do anything in nature. We must be attentive to it: to help animals and birds, to take care of plants, to protect water, land and air. Many people prefer to spend their free time in nature. Tourism and the growth of large cities can destroy the habitat of animals and plants. Natural resources are non-renewable and can be depleted. Therefore, it is necessary to save raw materials.
Environmental pollution is harmful to the health of all living beings. Smoke from forest fires, industrial emissions, transport cause damage to nature.

Some people throw garbage into rivers or in the streets arrange garbage dumps. Waste and toxic discharges, once in the water, harm fish and aquatic animals, as well as cause diseases of both animals and people. Car exhaust gases pollute the air. The natural environment is seriously infected, it is very difficult to liquefy the pollution. In order to keep our environment clean, the government is enacting laws to prevent pollution. But our life and the life of those living on the planet can change for the better. If each of us will be with attention and love to treat all living things.

Nature is what is on Earth. And the earth is home to all the creatures that live on it. And everyone has the right to live on it.
Man himself destroys nature. He builds factories and plants, thereby polluting the nature of chemical waste, which breathes itself. Exterminates rare animals and plants listed in the Red book.
Outside the city, going on vacation leaves mountains of garbage. Kindles fires under the trees, which turn into huge fires that destroy all life.

Man must protect nature from himself. It should not needlessly kill, to tear, to break, to ruin, to destroy, to abuse. He must love!
If a person wants to live well, then he must protect nature!

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  1. People just forgot where they came from. Many live in a world of illusions and are completely separated from nature. But nature is our home. If there is no home, then where will we live. Fuss and busyness in everyday affairs do not allow to understand this question. Everyone thinks only in his life or even less. The ecological situation is the number one problem in our industrial and high-tech century.

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