Essay about nature in english

Essay about nature in english

Nature and Man
Nature is the world that surrounds us. It breathes life and beauty, gives inspiration and peace of mind.
Mountains with snow-capped peaks, blue waters of seas and rivers, endless forests, picturesque fields, animals and birds – the nature is amazing and lovely everywhere. Nevertheless people often do not notice the world around them, hurrying on business.

But a few hours spent outside the city, will give the opportunity to relax from the hustle, get rid of stress, forget about the bad mood.

What a pleasure to walk in the forest on a clear winter day! Snow is lying on the trees like hats, from time to time a flock of bullfinches flies noisily, squirrels jump from branch to branch. The air is transparent and fragile, like crystal. There is complete silence all around, which can be enjoyed endlessly.

In spring nature exudes youth and freshness. A desire for change and renewal wakes up in a person. Snowdrops bloom, streams murmur, the first thunderstorms rears. Bright warm sun, pink sunrises and golden sunsets, spring turquoise sky brings a feeling of complete happiness.
In summer, meadows and fields are full of multicolored paints, a gentle wind blows, waves run lazily on the shore. It is nice to listen to different sounds: the rustle of leaves, birds singing, splash of water. Life seems wonderful and carefree.

Autumn is a little sad, but a magnificent time. The nature changes the green dress to yellow, red, gold. The air is already cool, saturated with the aroma of apples and hay. Birds fly to the South, all stars could be seen on cold nights. Everything is peaceful.
It is important for people to maintain a trusting relationship with the environment. However, their activities often harm the world: forests are cut down, water and air are polluted, animals and birds are destroyed.

Protection of nature today is one of the main tasks of mankind. Anyone can help to safeguard the nature – to plant trees and flowers, to feed animals and birds, to remove garbage.
The world of wildlife is majestic and beautiful. We must learn to appreciate and love what surrounds us, to live in harmony with nature and to increase its diversity.

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