Essay about nature in hindi

Essay about nature in hindi

The nature of the Republic of Hindi is one of the richest on the planet. It consists of 45,000 plant species, of which more than 5,000 are endemic (found only in Hindi). It is 350 species of mammals (about 8% of all on Earth), 3,300 species/subspecies of birds (12% of all on the planet), over 20,000 species of insects.
The generosity of Hindi nature is due to the geographical position of the state, the climate and landscape. The climate, by nature — tropical wet, dry tropical, subtropical and humid mountain.

About 3,000 plants in India are used in medicine and spiritual practices. From the long-coniferous pine of the Western regions of the country prepare healing resin. Him called the “village pharmacy” and “the Divine tree” using all its parts in the preparation of many Ayurveda medicines. Moreover, the Banyan tree called the “tree-forest”. From the main trunk of the Banyan grow thick shoots – air roots, reaching the ground, they take root, get fat, let new shoots, which also take root, and so much time and space.

One of the oldest banyans in Hindi grows about 3 thousand years and has more than 3 000 large trunks, the height of which is more than 60 meters.

The world of animals in Hindi has fewer species than the plant, but more impressive. Throughout the territory, although in small quantities, there are Hindi elephants and Royal Bengal tigers. The Hindus revere the cow in the household as a sacred animal. 216 species of snakes distributed throughout the state, a quarter of them-poisonous.

The biggest of poisonous snakes is the king Cobra: its length reaches 5 m, and the bite can kill an elephant. In freshwater reservoirs live crocodiles Magera, mangroves-combed crocodiles, Ganges and tributaries – habitat of crocodile’s gavial.

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