Essay about nature in kannada

Essay about nature in kannada

Canada is located in the north of North America, so the climate is predominantly severe. Climatic features have shaped the unique nature of Canada, a feature of which is the preservation of the original diversity.
The vegetation of Canada is mostly tundra and taiga. Dwarf trees and flowers always grow in the tundra. On marshy areas there is a northern cranberry.

The Canadian taiga consists black spruce, aspen and pine, larch and thuja. There are also forests of ordinary deciduous and coniferous trees.
Mixed forests predominate in the region of the Great Lakes.
In the south-west of the taiga there are different kinds of poplar, in the east there are sugar maples, oaks.
The Canadian tundra is a home to reindeer, lemmings, arctic foxes.
In the south there are more animals, in the woods you can find a forest deer, caribou, elk, a noble deer.
In the forests of Canada there are many rodents.

Very diverse and a world of predators. In addition to grizzly bears in Canada, you can find other types of bears, which are guarded by the state because of their small numbers.
Wildlife is so well protected by the state and by the inhabitants themselves that it gradually penetrates into the cities.
Canada is famous for bird diversity because there are 451 species of birds. Especially there are a lot of hides on its territory, large blue herons, wild Canadian geese. On the islands there are colonies of “sea parrots”, on the cliffs of the East Coast—northern cormorants. Decoration of the nature of Canada—golden eagles, ruby hummingbirds, as well as Canadian goose fish. In the Arctic live tundra and white partridges, snow owls.

Canada is called “Klondike” for fishermen. Thousands of lakes, rivers are filled with fish. There are many in the reservoirs of big basses, lake trout, growing to 20 kilograms.

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  1. For me, the Rideau waterfalls are especially impressive. The power of the water flow is rather low and in winter the waterfalls completely freeze, thus forming original ice sculptures of the most bizarre forms.

  2. Immigration policies, rules, conditions and programs change in Canada on average 4 times a year. My wife and I really want to immigrate there! A child has the right to go to any school for free at the level with all other children in Canada.

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